CONTINCARE differentiates itself from peers by adopting a holistic, multi-dimensional approach.

Preventive approaches

A good number of state-of-the-art medical devices deal with incontinence before any incidences occur: wireless alerts, alert watches, bedwetting devices, and neuromodulation techniques.

It is our intention to import and market these tools in Singapore, once the necessary HSA licences have been obtained. Info and research material is already available..

Reactive approaches

Stylish, speciality childen and adult underwear, swimwear and pijamas effectively minimize inconvenient consequences of incontinence.

They are discreet, comfortable, durable and environment friendly.

Incontinence is not a rare condition, you would be surprised to know how many of your friends and relatives suffer from it. It isn’t just a physical inconvenience, it takes a mental and psychological tool too,  affecting self-confidence and self-esteem – IF YOU LET IT!

However: there is no need for incontinence to affect your life style choices. With the right equipment, you go through your daily life as per normal.

CONTINCARE is committed to provide discreet and effective help.