Making sure that weak bladder control doesn’t control you!

In a first step today, we provide in Singapore and the region a broad array of products, which mitigate the inconvenient consequences of incontinence. They include:

  • Stylish, highly absorbent, discrete underwear
  • High-absorption pajamas
  • Fashionable incontinence swimwear

Secondly, being affiliated to European specialised firms, we strive to provide info and research material on proactive and preventive solutions to various degrees of incontinence.


We aim to become Singapore’s prime source of incontinence products, preventive solutions and specialised information!

In keeping with that vision, we constantly strive to offer new and state-of-the-art products and services to our clients.


We are currently in the process of analysing market requirements, and will soon be offering pro-active solutions such as wireless alarms and neuromodulation devices, which will be made available following completion of appropriate HSA requirements.